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Highlights include: Reflections: The Calley trial (by Spyder) The war goes on and on and on. Nearly fifty thousand Americans have died in its course yet the war goes on and on. The nation has divided very nearly down its middle yet the war goes on and on. But now there is a difference with the conviction of Lt. William Calley --Stephen J. Bennett, Dean of the College, attempts to clarify exactly what the change from departmental to divisional structure will mean and what it will not mean to SHU --“The Chemical Aspects of Pollution” were discussed by Dr. Ronald Chriss as part of S.H.U.’s Earth Day Program on April 1st --Thefts from school --The Obelisk in transition --Opinion survey results given: Vietnam is considered as the number one national problem, followed by rising inflation and continued unemployment in the second place, and environmental pollution.



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