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Highlights include: Mr. John O’Keefe & Mrs. Edward J. Reberkenny are newly appointed Trustees --The library collection of more than 2,000 mathematics volumes, according to librarian Richard A. Matzek, is considered the “best quality” collection currently held at the facility and is partially responsible for SHU being named recently to the prestigious American Mathematical Society --Dr. Michael Kriegsfeld has joined the full-time faculty of SHU as an associate professor of social science --Miss Roberta L. Staples, a part-time instructor at the university since September, 1970, also has been appointed to the full-time faculty as an English instructor --Black theater aimed at the black audience will be presented in the Sacred Heart University auditorium by the New York based Street Theatre Inc. --A workshop course to introduce students to the practical, scientific and aesthetic requirements in film making will be offered during the spring semester by Charles L. Turner, who has directed more than 300 films in past years including the first screen appearances of actors Jack Lemmon and Sidney Poitier.



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