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Highlights include: Seven professors who are now completing their sixth year and are being considered for Tenure: Mrs. Armstrong, Dr. M. Russell, Sister L. Gosen, Dr. N.J. Smith, Mr. McNeal, Dr. C.J. Estrada, and Mr. T. Kao --Creation of a new Associate of Science degree program in bank management --On Saturday evenings when Mass is celebrated the chapel room is so crowded (as many as 200 some nights) that most people sit on the floor knee to knee and stand shoulder to shoulder. Rev. John B. Giuliani, the university chaplain for the past four years has noticed a surge in the religious needs of SHU students over the years. Religious services at the university reflect the thinking of Vatican Council II --Letters to the Editor --Kingsley House, a non-profit, non-residential center for all the various forms of encounter groups, w ill be opening its doors to the public under the direction of Ean Waugh --Status of Core.



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