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Highlights include: With just six months away from state and national elections, Thom Serrani, former Student Government President at SHU, has decided that he will announce his intentions to become the democratic candidate for state representative --Serving as a semi-narrator and lead in the university spring production of “The Trial of the Catonsville Nine,” the Rev. John B. Guiliani, university chaplain, portrayed a powerful and moving characterization of the wellknown poet-antiwar priest Daniel Berrigan --Sounds: Some recent album releases --A European Three Capitals Tour will leave August 19th and return September 2nd. The total fee is $464.00 --P.D.Q. Bach: Professor Peter Schickele and his madcap fare of musical parody will be presented Saturday evening. May 13, at the Sacred Heart University auditorium as the first event of the university’s “Celebration of the Arts” Week --Celebration of Arts: Reginald Marsh, whose paintings, drawings, sketches and washes will comprise an art exhibition of national significance, and made possible through the generosity of the honorable William Benton of Southport, (U.S. Senator from Conn. 1949- 1953); Exhibition of rare twentieth century imprints from a collection of private press books loaned by the Rev. William J. Fletcher; Three films from the 1930s, “Swingtime” starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire; the farcical comedy “The Awful Truth” featuring Irene Dunne and Cary Grant, and the shoot- ’em-out gangster movie “Public Enemy” with James Cagney.



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