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Highlights include: Groundbreaking Marks 40 years of SHU -- University Opens Neuroscience Lab -- Board Questions Ed Prep -- Ganim Gone, Bridgeport Picks Through Primaries -- The Evolution of SHU Computing -- Library Renovations Continue, Plans For Expansion -- Assault at South Hall -- Community Connections '03 -- SHU Remembers 9/11 -- What you didn't know about: Gene Sullivan -- Sacred Heart Hotel Life: Vacation or Frustration? -- Study Suggests Teens Disregard Health Risks Associated With Tanning Salons -- MP3 Players For Everyone -- Mary J. Blige Returns with "Love & Life" -- Sprite Liquid Mix Tour Sails into Jones Beach -- Anticipation Rises for "Lord of the Rings" Conclusion -- SHU Instructor Gives Audiences Something to Believe In With "The Miracle of Fatima" -- Another Crazy Football Weekend



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