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Highlights include: Park Ridge Break-In -- The New Mr. SHU -- And The SG Winners Are... -- CT Bars Extinguish Cigarettes -- SHU's 'Safe Zone' -- Delta Phi Kappa Holds Sit-Out -- Informative Computer Courses Often Overlooked -- Scrabble At SHU -- Spectrum Reader Criticizes Editor's Writing -- Editor Responds to Reader's Criticism -- WSHU Worker Discusses Politics -- SHU Students Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In Ireland -- Seniors Looking Forward to Ball -- 'Pop' Leads SHU Maintenance Staff -- 'Kill Bill Vol. 2' Slices its Way Into Theaters -- Show Choir is Smooth as Satin in 'Sam's Velvet Lounge' -- Local Band Impresses at Fairfield's Green Room -- Six Games, Three Wins in Weekend Outing for SHU Softball -- Men's Volleyball Wins Division Title



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