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Highlights include: Was Superman Scheduled to Speak at Sacred Heart University? -- SHU Ranks in Top Tier of U.S. News and World Report List -- SHU "Connecticut Administrator" Test Scores Rank Below Average -- Lecture Focuses on Love and the Search for God in the Work of I.B. Singer -- SHU Brings Manners to the Table -- R.A.D. Empowers SHU Women -- SHU Poll: Most Americans Believe Bush Will Be Reelected -- The Spectrum Teams Up With College Publisher to Launch Online Edition -- He Said... She Said... -- The Man of Steel -- Tom Weber: A SHU Success Story -- Knit to Help Children with HIV -- Gay / Straight Alliance Becomes "Open Hearts" -- Female College Enrollment Increases -- No Broom Necessary for ALCS and NLCS: Wild Card Teams Pushing for Upsets -- NFL's Greatest Receiver Headed to Seattle -- Athletes: Don't Sack the SAAC -- Queens of Heart Fall 29-19 -- Senior Day Shutout for Women's Soccer: Unbeaten Streak Reaches 7 Straight Games



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