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Highlights include: Rangel Promotes New Draft while Candidates Point Fingers -- Holocaust Survivor Delivers Powerful Speech -- SHU Nursing Student Participates in NPCW -- Broaden Your Horizons with Ireland -- Pink Ribbons and Candle Light Mark the Breast Cancer Awareness Vigil -- SHU Gears up for Election -- Mock Accident Shows the Dangers of Drunk Driving -- Alcohol Awareness Speaker Dan Duval Addresses SHU Students -- Voter Registration on the Rise -- Four Perfect Pebbles -- Questioning The Importance of The Comprehensive English Exams -- Can a guy and girl be "just friends"? -- Scare Up With The Best Films for Halloween -- Joe Beleznay Hits Chords at SHU -- The Myths of Wicca Unveiled -- SHU Finds it Difficult With Flu Shot Shortage -- SHU's Eating Disorder Task Force Starts Up -- Fantasy Football For Dummies -- Too Good to Be True? Red Sox Halfway Home! -- Mentoring Program Targets SHU Athletes -- Women's Volleyball Defeats NEC Opponents -- Running On All Cylinders, SHU Roll Over Peacocks



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