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Highlights include: Montano's Montage: Remembering Dr. George -- Culture Wars and Religion: Distinguished Sociologist Alan Wolfe Speaks at SHU -- Lecture Series Concludes with Celebration of Singer Centennial -- Nashville Welcomes SHU Students at Annual National College Media Convention -- Students React to the Presidential Election -- For My Grandson Albert IV -- Five Frustrating Hours After Five Fabulous Days -- He Said... She Said... -- Former Student Has Timeless Connection With SHU -- New Pixar Film Nothing Short of 'Incredible' -- Alternative Downloading Service Causes Ruckus on Campus -- Eminem Promotes Politics at Shady National Convention -- A Day to Honor Our Veterans -- Is Body Piercing Still Considered In? -- Registration Offers Stress For Students -- Staying in Shape: A Common Thread -- Midseason Football Awards: Fogle Style -- Cy Old? Clemens Wins Seventh at 42 -- Big East Looking for 3rd Straight Title -- Aftermath of the ALCS -- Seeing Double: Twin Athletes at SHU -- Men's Soccer Season Ends with Whimper -- Women's Ice Hockey Freezes URI



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