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Highlights include: Pulitzer Prize Winner Speaks at SHU -- Real Rules from Road Rulers -- CCJU Hosts Nostra Aetate Awards -- Zogby Teaches SHU Students the Significance of Polls -- Public Safety Cracking Down on Student Parking -- SHU Unwraps Christmas Week -- SHU Teaches Leadership -- Over 1,000 SHU Students Register at TheFacebook.Com -- Eager Holiday Shoppers Brave Long Waits For Big Discounts -- A Memorable Night For A Senior -- He Said... She Said... -- Bowling for Soup Strikes at SHU -- Laughing Stock of the University -- Harry Potter Flies Into Sacred Heart -- Don't Find Yourself Caught in the Commercialized Part of the Holidays! -- A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That -- The Saga Does Continue for SHU's Flag Champs -- Kansas Ain't Home to SHU -- Sky is The Limit for Brazilian Soccer Star



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