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Highlights include: SHU Students Charged in Laptop Scam -- World Famous Dancers Take Show to SHU -- Secret Service Agent Speaks to Students -- "Spongebob Squarepants:" Just a Silly Cartoon? -- College Dreams Dashed -- Freedom of Speech Questioned -- Embattled Colorado Professor Cleared to Speak at UW-Whitewater -- Instant Messenger And its Impending World Domination -- How Objective was the Article On Al Sharpton? -- He Said... She Said... -- Censorship Rife During Super Bowl -- SHU FORCE Primes for Exciting Summer -- Seasoned Emotions Spring From 'The Notebook' -- 'Shark Tale' Proves See-Worthy -- UMOJA Celebrates Black History! -- The New Haven Orchestra Puts A New Spin On The Oscars -- The Big "D" Bomb: You've Been Dumped! -- Training Beds: Not so Bad After All -- Bettman Learns No News Not Always Good News -- Delivery Canceled as Karl Malone Retires -- Stolen Thunder and Boston's Role Reversal -- Steroid Deniers Now Saying "No Way, Jose" -- SHU's Fencing: A Truly Unique Experience



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