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Highlights include: Gas Leak Sends Students to Hospital -- The Hype Over Adderall -- Three More Cars Vandalized -- Sacred Hearts for Hope -- The Truth on Fresh -- Second Major Snowfall in Five Days Batters Northeast -- Frustration After The Career Fair -- To Whom I Missed -- He Said... She Said... -- 'Million Dollar' Oscar -- 'Dining Room' Serves Up A Feast for the Eyes -- Art, Science Embrace at SHU Art Gallery -- Pitt Center-Finally Restored -- How Do You Know What Major is for You? -- How Important is Makeup? -- Job Search: Preparation is Key -- Pitching key to unlocking AL and NL -- Heat, Spurs Valedictorians of NBA's First Half -- Trade Deadline Shakes up NBA -- SHU's Band -- NFL Combine -- SHU Hockey Plunges in the Atlantic Standings



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