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Highlights include: SHU Responds to Tragedy, Disaster -- SHU WELCOMES CLASS OF 2009 -- 9/11 Remembered in Wake of Katrina -- SHU and Quiznos Unite -- The SHU Club Scene -- Gas Hike Effects SHU Students -- Larry David Teams with MTV to 'Curb Global Warming' -- Amtrak Says it Will Raise Fares to Counter Higher Energy Costs -- How Should You Approach New People on Campus? -- He Said... She Said... -- Pin Thin: A New Celebrity Trend -- The Latest Trend of TV on DVD -- DMB: New vs. Old -- What's Happenin': R Bar -- Freshmen Learn to Cope With College Life -- Student Campus Barber Build Clientele -- Fans Excited About 'The New NHL' -- Women's Volleyball Set To Spike Competition -- From The Fantasy Football Files -- Field Hockey Prepares For Conference Matchups -- For Men's Soccer, New Era Begins With Barosso -- Pricolo's 203 yards, 3 TD's Not Enough


Correction: Incorrectly printed as Volume 23, Issue 22



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