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Highlights include: Giving From The Heart -- Mike Domitrz Wants to Know, Do You Ask? -- Freshmen Behavior Brings Positive Outlook -- English Club Aspires To New Levels -- Senior Awarded 2nd Place in Statewide Writing Competition -- Students Rush for Friendship & Opportunity -- Academic Integrity Challenged -- It's All Fun & Games Until The Bill Arrives -- What Jobs did Students Take on This Summer? -- He Said... She Said... -- 57th Annual Emmy Awards Show -- Celebrities and Students Help Hurricane Katrina Victims -- What's Hot and What's Not: NYC's Spring 2006 Fashion Week -- "Bushfire Fairytales" Serenades New England -- Peer Support Groups Lend Hands In Healing Process -- Captain of Controversy Hosts Discussion -- Rest Easy With a Good Night's Sleep -- Yanks or Sox? Our Experts Hash It Out -- Field Hockey Turns Corner, Wins NEC Opener -- Grizzled Lacrosse Veterans Enjoy Alumni Game -- Intramural Leagues Ready, Waiting For Students -- Women's Soccer Looks For Redemption -- Lapointe Sends A Message At Red Wings Camp


Corrections: Date, volume, and issue incorrectly printed on page 1 as September 15, Volume 23, Issue 22.



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