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Highlights include: Student Government Gives Crash Course in Drinking and Driving -- Peer Educators Raise Alcohol Awareness -- Supreme Court Appointees, Decision-Makers for the Future -- Issues Facing School Choice Debated -- Forensic Science, The Real CSI Enlightens SHU -- University STAR's Learn to Shine Brightly -- Collection Center to Hold One Last Session -- Students Perspectives on Faculty Ethics -- He Said... She Said... -- In Her Shoes, A Perfect Fit for the Theater -- Mraz Brings Lincoln Center to Its Feet -- What's Hot: Fall/Winter Shoe Trends -- "Oh Boy" Rapper Cam'ron Wounded in Shooting -- Locks Shine With Love This Season -- The New Trend, Spring Break Hot Spots -- Free Money, The Secret to Finding Scholarships -- Men's Soccer Wins Two, Stays Alive -- The Forgotten Series: N.Y. and Sox Fans Just Aren't Interested -- Arciaga Throws for 313 -- Football Rebounds with 21-14 Victory



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