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Highlights include: SHU Shatters Records and St. Francis -- Home Sweet Homecoming -- Members of Information Technology Department Become Mac Certified -- Zeta Sisters Pledge Disability Awareness -- Hurricane Collection Finishes, Every Little Bit Went a Long Way -- Laptops Are Being Tracked -- High Gas Prices Put Dent in Students' Thinning Wallets -- Habitat for Humanity Helps Underprivileged Families Near and Far -- Professors Take on Ethics of Journalism -- He Said... She Said... -- From Dream to Reality: New Club Makes Broadway Debut -- TV Ratings Sweep the Nation -- Reviews of the Week -- The Crying Game: Why Women Cry More Than Men -- SHU Polling Institute Addresses Quality of Life -- Students Debate Bargain Shopping -- Beat Those Flu Blues -- Pioneers Sweep Griffins Out of the MIP -- Equestrian Team Not Just Horsing Around -- CHAMPIONS: Women's Field Hockey Defeats #1 Seed, Takes League Title



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