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Highlights include: Poly-sci prof. runs for Conn. State Representative -- Women gather to speak on conquering struggles -- Students don't let students suffer from alcohol poisoning -- Where have all the teachers gone? -- Professional job-finders helping you find the perfect occupation -- Fear No People to end discrimination -- He Said... She Said... -- IMC brings Rock 'n Roll to SHU -- "Failure to Launch" takes off at the box office -- L.A. Confidential: Oscar loves his women -- Jerry Pinkney comes to SHU's annual art festival -- SHU's feelings towards a potential female president -- Internet privacy issues can affect you later in life -- SAT scores on hotseat -- Young guns press offense, but cannot overcome Manhattan -- TO forced to find himself a brand new home... -- Baseball now a game for all people... -- ONE FOR THE BOOKS


Correction: Printed incorrectly as issue 16.



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