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Highlights include: Victoria's "dirty" Secret -- Putting Katrina to bed -- Professor, class discuss war in Iraq on PBS -- Attention Seniors: What you need to know about the festivities -- Student Government enhances students experiences -- Spreading the gossip on newspaper tabloids -- He Said... She Said... -- Enough is enough about the WMDs -- Battle for Big Man on campus: Mr. SHU competition raffles off front row -- "ONEinSIX" will take hip-hop artist Reed to #1 on charts -- L.A. Confidential: Hollywood Scientology 101 -- SHU's Concert Choirs -- In memory of Bill Beutel, Eyewitness news anchor -- My unknown beloved girl -- Outpost employees work hard to keep the pub up and running -- Men's lacrosse wins CAA opener -- Take your pick: students' discuss MLB's top teams -- PLAY BALL! -- The Meat: Quest to dethrone White Sox begins -- PTI: The trio gives Wilbon and Tony K. a rest -- Three games to go, volleyball seeks redemption


Correction: Printed incorrectly as issue 17.



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