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Highlights include: Follow the light -- Tracy Kidder: Enlightening students with experiences -- The Fray concert: Event Recap -- Darfur lacks education for children -- Nation crazed over health care -- Senior year: Not such an easy ride after all -- Letter to the editor: No contraception rule poses concern for students on campus -- Local businesses provide off-campus activities -- Marketing workshops help students win in the job competition -- Students encouraged to practice their spirituality -- He Said / She Said -- 'Music and Action' opens eyes to activism -- Has another Disney good girl gone wild? -- DeGeneres steps into the American idol spotlight -- Get Reel: 'Love happens' happens to be lovely -- Another 'Big' hit? -- 'It's not right but it's okay' Students question Houston's comeback -- 'Drive hammered, get nailed' -- Fall Fashion Pocket Guide -- Exercise: How much is too much? -- Sacred Heart: Battle of the sexes -- 'It's all about the Benjamins baby' -- Football drops third straight -- M. Soccer team drops 1-0 decision to Iona -- Pioneers take first, second in FU Invite -- Athletes make presence felt in communities -- W. Volleyball team poised to duplicate last years success -- Annual golf outing to raise money for SHU athletics -- Q & A with volleyball coach Rob Machan



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