Sacred Heart University Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 1

Sacred Heart University


The Call of Other Lives / Timothy Deenihan, editor -- Our Natural World / by Jennifer Mattei, Ph.D. -- Building Bridges Among Pioneers: Alumni Engagement offers a virtual community with real heart -- Big News for a Small Town: Local journalism is alive and well in Easton thanks to the SCMA -- Hearts and Minds: 60 years ago Vatican II reshaped the Catholic Church. This year Sacred Heart hosts its own gathering to discuss the direction of Catholic higher ed -- The Joe-Alicastro-ness of it all: 30 years as an Emmy-winning broadcast producer for NBC News -- A Matter of Perspective: 2023 Art & Design major Deanna Swanson -- The Pioneering Heart / by Charles A. Gillespie -- Interview with Provost Robin Cautin / by Timothy Deenihan -- All Day Long: with Division I student-athlete Nico Galette / by Meredith Guinness -- "The City I Love Is Called Odessa" says Alexandra Gizhitsa Anderson, a Ukrainian American immigrant who traveled back to Ukraine in 2022 to rescue her mother, sister and brother / by Steve Neumann -- po-lite-ness / by Grace Curley '23 -- Breaking through the Line, Sacred Heart Athletics: Julius Chestnut '22, Josh Sokol '20, MA '21 -- Justin Danforth: Blue jacket, red and white at heart -- Club Commitments: SHU women's and men's golf -- From the Archive: Bishop Curtis signs the Sacred Heart University Charter in 1963 as Governor John Dempsey looks on.