Professor Jennifer Reek

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The Human Journey Seminars: Great Books in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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CIT 201

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December 2016

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Augustine’s Confessions detail the Catholic philosopher’s reflection on his faith journey, a journey that would encompass much of his youth and early adulthood. Despite being raised by a devout mother, Augustine struggled to balance faith and purpose in his life. He practiced several different philosophies and religions throughout his life. Through his writings, Augustine elaborates on several of the Four Claims of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. His introspection on his own relationship with the divine relates to the first claim that states the Catholic belief in the relationship between mankind and a Triune God. In addition, his contemplations of life, morality, and divine influence relate to the third claim, which states the Catholic belief that faith and reason are compatible. Augustine’s spiritual journey is defined by his search for reconciliation between his own flaws and what he felt was his divine purpose.

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