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The Human Journey Seminars: Great Books in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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CIT 201

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The authors Augustine, Aquinas, and Dante represent the Catholic Intellectual Tradition claim that human reason and faith are compatible. Augustine struggled to find God because of his sinful behavior during his youth. On his journey to converting to Catholicism, Augustine reasons through his questions regarding God to find the truth. Aquinas writes about how humans do not have the capacity to ever reach the full knowledge of God. After Dante describes his journey through hell and purgatory, he finally reaches heaven and is incapable of describing God because it is beyond human comprehension. Augustine, Aquinas, and Dante each embody the Catholic Intellectual Tradition claim that reason and faith are compatible in their writings in different ways, but with the same message: that faith and reason are correlated and one must turn to faith because reason can only explain God and the divine to a certain point.

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