Amanda Moras, Ph.D.

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Sociology of Gender

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SO 263

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In order to best understand the established gender “norms” in a society, it is pertinent to observe the behaviors of others surrounding one another. Norms within a society are the usual, typical or standard behaviors that are placed on individuals before they are even born. From the time a baby is in the womb, society established what colors represent them best, buy clothes that will look the “cutest” on them, and name them certain names that will best suite that person’s gender. This type of gender normative behavior will continue throughout that child’s life, placing them within a rigid box in all facets. This includes within the classroom, within the home, and within workspaces. The gendering society takes part in will change the way that a person interacts with all types of institutions.


Laura James is a student in the Thomas More Honors Program at Sacred Heart University.

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