Amanda Moras, Ph.D.

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Sociology of Gender

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March 20, 2019

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When looking in a department or toy store, it is easy to identify the separation between the boy and girl section. Children’s toys have always reflected society’s typical gender roles. That is, young girls should play with Barbie dolls, while boys play with trucks. When walking into a local Target, or old Toys-R-Us stores, one automatically walks to the socially appropriate side of the stores to buy their young child a toy. Is it because they are afraid of what others will say, because their child is playing with different toys from their peers? Or is it because society is so brainwashed that they do not think of how their child’s actions and play toys will develop their personality and character? I find that society places people into categories and that people are too afraid to go against gender norms, especially at such a young age. If people can choose their occupation, then children should have the capability to choose what toy they want to play with.

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