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This research investigated the ways in which intersectionality and various forms of support have influenced the ability of single black mothers to overcome the barriers of poverty. Qualitative research included analysis of three interviews of single black mothers from P.T. Barnum, a public housing complex located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The use of an online coding tool, Dedoose, proved effective in identifying where various forms of support have aided these women. These supports included social and community supports. The women cited having various forms of social support, including informational, tangible, and emotional. They also cited having various forms of community support, including housing support, childcare, and healthcare support. Two interviews of women of other races from P.T. were also included in this study, to further explore how intersectionality plays a role in their ability to overcome poverty. It was found that they experience very similar difficulties as the first three women, and cited having the same struggles as well. The findings of this study provide pertinent information to social workers, philanthropists, and others in the social service field, by helping them best determine the types of support these women need to be successful in overcoming poverty.


This paper was also presented in poster format at the 2019 Academic Festival

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