Dialogues and Decisions: Moral Dilemmas in the Workplace

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In this exercise, participants explore moral dilemmas in the workplace and use ethical frameworks for decision making to support a particular plan of action. Participants read a scenario, propose courses of action in response to the moral dilemma, and engage in dialogue with others who propose alternative decisions. The exercise format allows individual participants to present and evaluate contradictory arguments. Competition for the most persuasive arguments occurs among individuals within teams of 5 participants and subsequently among all teams. During the dialogues and activities, underlying beliefs, values, and assumptions surface and are linked to ethical theories.


Published: Trefry, Mary, Jill Woodilla, and Andra Gumbus. "Dialogues and Decisions: Moral Dilemmas in the Workplace." Simulation & Gaming 37.3 (2006): 357-379.