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Romania, a former communist country in Eastern Europe, saw the iron curtain lifted in 1989, and started at that time the transition to a free market economy. The past couple of decades encompass extraordinary changes in the economic structure and environment, with state monopolies being dissolved and private companies entering the market and competing in western manner. The Romanian conversion from central planning to a market-oriented economy provides a fascinating laboratory for research in economic theory and practice (Hefner and Woodward 1999). With the advent of a free market economy and a competitive environment, advertising exited its dormant communist stage and started playing increasingly important economic and societal roles. In this chapter, we briefly present the evolution of the Romanian advertising industry, followed by a description of the higher education institutions that aim to train the talent needed today by a mature Romanian advertising industry. The enrollment, curriculum, and faculty qualifications are presented. We close the chapter with a look at how the local advertising practitioners view the qualifications of students who graduate with a degree or concentration in advertising in terms of meeting advertising agency hiring needs.


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