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Endorsement of sport and non-sport products by athletes is an extremely popular method that corporations use to drive sales and advertising. Traditionally, celebrity endorsement research has focused on the physical attractiveness of the endorser; while this makes sense, it provides only a partial explanation why consumers purchase athlete-endorsed products. Several other components of source credibility, as well as previously unexplored elements such as "heroic" traits, prove to be stronger predictors of intent-to-purchase. A 3-phase research study of Americans aged 18-35 was conducted, with a Celebrity-Hero Matrix© (CHM) developed and several marketing recommendations made based on the findings.


Published: Shuart, Joshua. "Endorser Source Credibility: Redefining Spokesperson Influence Through Development of the Celebrity-Hero Matrix." Sport Marketing in the New Millennium: Selected Papers from the Third Annual Conference of the Sport Marketing Association. Ed. Brenda G. Pitts. Fitness Information Technology, 2007.

ISBN: 9781885693716



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