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This dissertation examined the relationship among four exposure conditions in marketing communications (pure advertising, advertising priming, publicity priming, and pure publicity) that include either advertising or publicity or both. Also, the indirect relationship between brand communication exposure condition and purchase intent was modeled via path analysis. 634 students participated in an online experiment. Repeated measures MANCOVA analysis results indicate that the two synergistic conditions, which included an ad-article or article-ad combination, were more effective in terms of brand communications impact than the pure advertising condition. The pure publicity condition was found to be more effective than any of the other three. Hence, brand communications managers are encouraged to include publicity in their strategic communication campaigns.


A Dissertation presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School University of Missouri-Columbia in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy by Anca Cristina Micu. Dr. Esther Thorson, Dissertation Supervisor, May 2005.



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