The Atkins Diet Phenomenon: How the Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle Has Revolutionized the Consumer Behavior of American Dieters

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Examined are the impact of the Atkins diet on the American diet conscious consumer and its impact on the market for consumer oriented diet foods, specifically foods low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Focusing on the fact that studies continue to show that as many as 25% of the American population is clinically obese, at least 100 pounds overweight, the recent obsession with low carbohydrate foods has created entirely new food related markets, markets for consumers products that are significantly different from the traditional food markets that have existed in the past. This paper will address the impact that the Atkins phenomenon has had on groceries, soft drinks, restaurant offerings, beer, fast food and supermarket products. It will show how these industries have been forced to modify their product lines to incorporate an ever escalating consumer demand for low carbohydrate products or risk being left behind in the expanding $42 billion food industry.