Unilever: The Financial Implications of Outsourcing IT Services in a Global Organization

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This case is intended for students in an undergraduate or graduate level course. At the undergraduate level, this case is suitable for a senior-level course such as a capstone senior seminar, current issues in accounting, business strategy, information technology, or managerial accounting special topics course. At the graduate level, this case can be used in managerial and cost accounting courses as well as in a business ethics, information technology, or capstone course. The case provides an introduction to the financial and business considerations which occur when outsourcing a business process to a third-party supplier. This is an actual case based on a real decision and information made available by Unilever, a Global 200 company. Students analyze the information, financial project costs, and projected savings of a project to outsource part of the IT function to a third-party supplier. Students are asked to identify some of the business issues involved in outsourcing and identify any financial considerations.


Published: Tarasovich, Barbara M. "Unilever: The Financial Implications of Outsourcing IT Services in a Global Organization." IMA Educational Case Journal 5.4 (2012)