SnugAdapt: Organizational Change Initiatives

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Spring 2004


This disguised case describes actions taken at SnugAdapt, a mid-sized manufacturing firm, to increase quality and to address problems with worker morale. The case is presented in three parts in order to provide multiple decision points and increasing amounts of information about change efforts in the organization. Part A provides a general background on the company and management’s desire for change to solve multiple, ill-defined problems. A consultant has been brought in to provide a training session on a quality-based teamwork program, and the decision facing the president and his executive team is how to provide leadership for implementing the program. Part B describes decisions made by the executive team and actions taken to begin implementation. Part C follows the change initiative for six months. At the end of this time, the company president is asked by his superior to evaluate the success of the program and make additional recommendations for change.


Published:Woodilla, Jill and Mary Trefry. "SnugAdapt: An Organizational Change Initiative.” The Case Research Journal 24.2 (2004): 51-69.