Trust in Online Prescription Filling

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This paper examines the impact of trust and uncertainty on online prescription filling. Drawing on prior research in consumer trust and theory of transaction cost economics, this paper proposes a research model to investigate the precedents of trust, the sources of uncertainty, and their relationships with the consumer’s intention to adopt online prescription filling. The model was empirically tested using a large sample. It is found that (1) calculative, knowledge-based, and institutional antecedents of trust significantly affect trust, (2) information asymmetry and online drug retailers’ opportunistic behavior contribute to perceived uncertainty of online prescription filling, (3) trust reduces uncertainty and positively affects intention, and (4) uncertainty has a negative influence on intention. A major contribution of this paper is that the understanding of trust on consumer intention is augmented by including uncertainty and its sources explicitly in the research model.


Liang, Huigang; Xue, Yajiong; Laosethakul, Kittipong; and Metha, Nikhil, "Trust in Online Prescription Filling" (2004). AMCIS 2004 Proceedings. Paper 38.

From the Proceedings of the Tenth Americas Conference on Information Systems, New York, New York, August 2004.

At the time of publication Kittipong Laosethakul was affiliated with Auburn University.