A Social Marketing Campaign for a Nonprofit Organization: Going Global or Staying Local?

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At college in 1968, Joe Carvin had friends of both German and Japanese ancestry. As a result the concept of One World & Virtuous (OW) was set up as a nonprofit that envisioned asking people to focus on their common humanity as global citizens. Jack Zaccara became the CEO in 2009. Based in Port Chester, New York, OWs long-term task was to establish a global organization in support of their mission. In 2011 OWs objective was to grow the membership and had two marketing options available. They could establish their brand locally through advertising, i.e. traditional marketing, or they could try to go global in allocating marketing dollars towards social media, i.e. digital marketing. Even though the 2011 marketing budget was small, the traditional view pushed for the continued use of advertising and public relations in the local press. Jack Zaccara had to choose which option would maximize membership numbers.