Determining the Most Effective Pedagogical Method of Teaching SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Exercises in an Introductory Financial Accounting Course

Document Type

Peer-Reviewed Article

Publication Date

Winter 2016


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems have dramatically impacted different business functions. They are becoming increasingly commonplace in many mid-sized organizations, as well as in large global companies. Business curriculum in universities needs to stay current and relevant to prepare students with fundamental skills and knowledge of ERP systems. This paper explores several different teaching methods of incorporating business process integration and hands on experience with SAP® ERP financial systems. Different pedagogical approaches including in-class lecture, video-based tutorial, and paper-based tutorial were developed and used in several sections of an undergraduate introductory accounting course at a private university. Results suggest that students using the video-based tutorial perform better than the in-class lecture and the paper-based tutorial in the technical areas of the SAP ERP exercise. Students using the paper-based tutorial did not perform significantly better than students attending the in-class lecture on the technical areas.