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Spring 2017


As organizations expand geographically, and especially when expanding globally, they often find it necessary, or more effective, to develop Centers of Excellence (CoE). If properly structured these centers can reduce cost, improve efficiency, leverage organizational assets, and often improve levels of organizational innovation. This is the next installment in a series of articles started in the first issues of the JMI exploring these very challenging issues (Coughlan & Bernstein, 2015). In this installment the authors will specifically address issues surrounding leadership, integrated governance model, standardization, continuous improvement, business continuity, and managing through hard target metrics. This article assumes that the CoE is past its initial startup phase and it operating at a full level of scale. In addition, this paper is focused on multi-national corporations (MNCs) where CoEs are internally operated – not outsourced to third parties - and more specifically on knowledge based CoEs.


Dr. Coughlan is an Associate Professor of Graduate Business and former Associate Dean at Mercy College School of Business. He is also an adjunct professor of Management in the Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University.



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