The Value-Adding Connections Between the Management of Ecoinnovation and the Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

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In today's business world, organizations are adopting the three pillars of sustainability—profit, people, and planet—as an accounting framework for measuring their performance. The adoption of sustainability into a company's business model can be guided by the Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering (GC&GE). The principles offer a set of methodologies (or a framework) to implement sustainability and can therefore have a positive impact on value creation levers that can lead to increased shareholder value. Moreover, pursuing sustainable development will require leaders and manager to acquire new core competencies such as sustainability literacy and systems thinking. Such competencies can be enhanced through an awareness of the Principles of GC&GE. The principles can help leaders and managers better manage and implement ecoinnovation and sustainable development across multiple scales. This chapter will examine the value-adding connections between the management of ecoinnovation and Principles of GC&GE. The chapter begins with a discussion of sustainability and sustainable development; then it explores the definition of ecoinnovation and the framework for managing ecoinnovation and how the Principles of GC&GE are relevant to ecoinnovation, and critically, to the management of sustainable innovation. This chapter should be of interest to civic and business leaders, department managers, innovation and sustainability officers, research and development personnel, product designers, engineers, and all others who share an interest in business sustainability.


ISBN: 9780128092705