Understanding the Global Refugee Crisis: Managerial Consequences and Policy Implications

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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The number of refugees is predicted to increase continually this century. We tackle the topic of the global refugee crisis and, in particular, its business and management implications. We investigate the dynamics of refugee integration and settlement processes, and present evidence for the specific challenges associated with the refugee crisis. Drawing on the organizational justice and inclusion literatures, we present the benefits of using organizational justice theory as a template for understanding refugee inclusion and for developing organizational practices and policies that support refugee inclusion. Supporting the UN’s call for more company participation in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, we argue for more active involvement of host country organizations as part of the solution to this global crisis. We also call for greater attention from business and management scholars to issues related to forced migration and refugee inclusion in the workplace. We discuss implications for theory, business practices, and public policies.


Published online: 13 Apr 2020.