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The JGTRRA reduced the tax rate on dividends for individuals and lowered the accumulated earnings and personal holding company taxes for corporations until 2008. This article reviews some of the planning techniques corporations and shareholders can use to take advantage of the temporarily lower rates.

One of the key provisions of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRRA), if not the prime emphasis of the legislation, is Section 302's reduction in the individual tax rate on corporate dividends received to 15% (5% for individuals in the 15% and 10% brackets). In an emerging trend, the lower tax rates on dividends will sunset in 2008. This six-year window affords some interesting planning opportunities for both C and S closely held corporations that want to reduce their accumulated earnings and profits (E&P).This article discusses some of the dividend planning opportunities under the JGTRRA for closely held corporations and their shareholders.


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Pannese, D. and P. Iannone. "Post-JGTRRA Dividend Planning.” Tax Adviser 35.6 (June 2004): 358-364.



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