Modern Classics in Entrepreneurship Studies: Building the Future of the Field

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The purpose of this book is to identify and analyze modern classics in entrepreneurship research with the goal of highlighting cutting-edge themes in the work of various scholars that are pushing the boundaries of the field, post 2000. As the entrepreneurship field matures, it is important to identify the novel contributions that will help shape the next decades of scholarship, by providing scholars with the concepts, frameworks, and approaches needed to help develop the new theories and practices of entrepreneurship. By focusing on emerging key contributions, this book takes a stance that sets it apart from other similar works by scholars that have focused only on existing themes rather than those that will characterize the relationship between entrepreneurship and new technological advances, growing inequalities, gender, diversity and inclusion, and socio-political shifts in the landscape of entrepreneurial ecosystems, allowing for critical and new conversations on entrepreneurship to take shape. This book will provide discussion on emergent themes and approaches that will continue to build the future of entrepreneurship as an exciting and rigorous academic discipline.


9783030610289 (Hardcover ISBN); 9783030610296 (ebook ISBN).