A Reflection on “Emerging Issues in Corporate Entrepreneurship” by Dess, Ireland, Zahra, Floyd, Janney, and Lane (2003, JOM)

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Book Chapter

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Corporate entrepreneurship (CE) has long been recognized by scholars as a viable way for firms to sustain and enhance their competitive advantages (e.g., Burgelman,.Administrative Science Quarterly 28:223–244, 1983; Covin and Miles,.Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 23:47–63, 1999; Guth, W. and Ginsberg, A. 1990. Guest editor’s introduction: Corporate entrepreneurship. Strategic Management Journal, 11(Summer Special Issue): 5–15.; Zahra,.Journal of Business Venturing 10:225–247, 1995;Zahra,.Academy of Management Journal 39:1713–1735, 1996;). In this chapter, we focus on a modern classic on this topic: the work by (Dess et al.,.Journal of Management 29:351–378, 2003). We first present the four major emerging issues in corporate entrepreneurship discussed in (Dess et al.,.Journal of Management 29:351–378, 2003). We further present how each one of these four areas inspired new scholarly works. We conclude with a discussion on directions for future research.


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