Sport and Mobile TV: Conceptualization and Empirical Analysis of a Mobile TV Usage Model

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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The aim of this research was to explain the importance of sport in the use of digital media services on mobile devices. Relevant factors related to mobile TV usage were identified and the strength of their influence was analyzed to show that sport is a driving force for mobile TV usage. Inspired by service-dominant logic (SDL) and the sport value framework (SVF), an innovative research model was specified and tested empirically among three samples from Australia, Germany, and the U.S.A. SDL and SVF suggest value is always co-created and context dependent. Thus, usage situations were integrated as contextual factors in a structural equation model, with interest in sport and other psychological factors as independent variables and mobile TV usage intention as dependent variable. This study is one of the first empirically testing what motives lead to mobile sport viewing and how interest in sport drives mobile TV usage. The empirical findings imply that consumer interest in sport is highly relevant for media technology usage. They further demonstrate that usage context really matters.