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The Impact of Worklife on Executives’ Psychological Health Purpose: This is the first scientific research studying the impact of worklife factors on executives’ psychological health by gender. The study has a particular focus on the factors of ‘Community’ and ‘Work-life balance’.

Design: Survey data were collected from N=481 senior executives to measure seven worklife factors and psychological health. Standardized regression analysis was performed for each worklife in a regression model predicting psychological health by gender.

Findings: Results showed significant differences between female and male senior executives in the profiles of seven worklife factors in terms of their relationship with psychological health. ‘Work-life balance’ was the strongest predictor of female executives’ psychological health, ‘Values’ for male executives’ psychological health. ‘Community’ showed similar levels of association for both women and men.

Originality/value: This research addresses the literature gap of large-scale, quantitative investigations into the psychology of senior executives. The results can be applied as a guide for organizational design, executive training and development programs accounting for differences by gender.


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