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Over the past three years, executives at General Electric (GE) have taught administrators at Sacred Heart University, located in Fairfield, CT, how to use the workout technique to identify and improve inefficient institutional processes and practices. This article will explain how Sacred Heart implemented the workout process, with a particular emphasis on factors contributing to successful workouts and the issues nonprofits encounter. GE has credited the workout with both improving processes and empowering the workforce. The workout, which has led to accelerated change and enhanced Six Sigma efforts, begins with identifying a problem. Many at GE note that the workout process is most effective in improving a process, not solving a technical problem. Although they have experienced a great deal of success using the workout process, there are unique challenges in not-for-profit settings. Another challenge is that authority lines are not always as clear as in for-profit corporations, which can make it difficult to assemble the right team.


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