Evaluating Corporate Training: Models and Issues

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The purpose of Evaluating Corporate Training is to provide training professionals in business and industry, and students of human resources development, with an overview of current models and issues in educational evaluation. This book will provide students of educational evaluation, practitioners in training functions, their managers, and other HRD professionals with insights that will advance the profession and the clients it serves. The book is organized around three themes: context, models, and issues. The chapters in the context section are intended to provide the reader with an understanding of the social, organizational, and interpersonal factors that provide background and give meaning to evaluation practice. The models section brings together contributions from some of the most influential thinkers and practitioners in the field. The chapters in this section provide perspective on the dominant themes and emergent trends from individuals who have been, and continue to be, the drivers of those trends. Contributions to the issues section highlight some pervasive themes as well as illuminating new areas of concern and interest that will affect how we assess learning interventions in the organizations of today and tomorrow.


ISBN 9780792380269