The Management of Creativity: Redux

Peter A. Maresco, Sacred Heart University
John Gerlach, Sacred Heart University

Originally published:

Maresco, Peter, Gerlach, John. "The Management of Creativity: Redux." Academic Leadership 5.1 (2007): 11.


The June/July/August 2005 edition of Academic Leadership (Vol. 3, Issue 2) featured a paper entitled, Demonstrated Leadership in the Development of a Cross Disciplinary Class. This course was The Management of Creativity, Managing the Creative Mind: A Business Elective and was created by Menswear Designer Joseph Abboud. This course was originally proposed and team taught by two Sacred Heart University faculty members, one in finance (Gerlach) and one in marketing (Maresco) along with internationally known fashion designer, Mr. Joseph Abboud. Its purpose was, and still remains, to provide a leadership experience by bringing together creative practitioners to discuss with business students the challenges they face regarding financing and marketing their ideas.