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This paper presents a framework for development of a transformational change management program (Flamholtz and Randle, 2008) in an information technology (IT) organization of a global Fortune 200 consumer products company. The goal of the transformation was to build leading edge global IT service offerings, to internal and ultimately external customers. The program played a pivotal role in the company’s "Path to Growth" Strategy. This strategy included very specific targets for sales, margins and earnings growth over a five-year period. The case illustrates how a well conceived change program, integrated with an organization’s overall strategic plan, is a competitive advantage.


Published: Tarasovich, Barbara Magi and Bridget Lyons. "Choice Of Service, Choice Of Cost" - A Transformational Change Program In IT -- The Case Of A Global Consumer Products Company: Case Study." International Journal Of Business & Social Science 2.15 (2011): 39-52.



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