Transformational Teams and Their Impact on Customer Satisfaction at One Firm

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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This study examined the relationships between core selling teams (CSTs) and customer satisfaction within the mission critical power design industry. The literature indicates that CSTs, which are considered a state of the art sales model, deserved further research. The SERVQUAL survey was used to measure customer satisfaction with Company X's most strategic customers. The differences in customer satisfaction for customers serviced by CSTs and traditional sales personnel were compared. The investigation found support indicating that a CST approach had a positive relationship to increased customer satisfaction levels. Based on the results of the study, it is recommended that sales leaders within the specialized service industry consider a CST approach when formulating future revenue growth and relationship strategy.


Version linked to here is the authors' working paper.

Published in its final version as: Crader, Timothy, Brown, Stephen. "Transformational Teams and Their Impact on Customer Satisfaction at One Firm." Advances in Management 4.6 (2011): 32-35.