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Spring 2018


The United States economy has been through its fair share of struggles in recent years. Following the 2008 Financial Crisis, many people were uncertain of how it was going to impact the future of American business, policies, and individual states economic potential. After the election of President Donald Trump, it is evident that there has been a great amount of growth in the United States economy, and the growth that has been made can be reflected in multiple ways. Using the tools and knowledge we have obtained in our Economic and Financial Forecasting course at Sacred Heart University, we are able to analyze and interpret various factors of the Connecticut financial standing, and use this information to predict the future economy. In this study, we will be looking at the Real Connecticut Economy, Labor Market Developments, Structural Changes to the Economy, The State Budget Outlook, The Housing Market, and the Financial Sector of Connecticut. Using the information gathered by each group, we will be able to better understand why the economy is in its present state, and what we believe will evolve from it based on past and present trends.


Public presentation by the students who prepared this paper was made on May 2, 2018 in the Martire Forum at Sacred Heart University.

Final Research Project for EC492 – Economic and Financial Forecasting, taught by Dr. Lucjan T. Orlowski - Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, Jack Welch College of Business.

Table of Contents:

Outline: Nontechnical Summary by Julie Tufanio.

1. Outlook for the Real Economy of Connecticut by Elena Burke, Daniel Cohen, Savannah Lobo, Alejandra Perez, Ryan Stapleton. 2. Structural Changes in Connecticut Economy and the Labor Market by Trent Thompson, Cody Doyle. 3. State Budget Analysis by Ian Accurso, Matthew Folan, Andrew Handfield. 4. Education and Science: Connecticut’s Comparative Advantage by Thomas, Ketcham, James Solari. 5. The Housing Market: Chances for a Rebound by James Chiavaro, Taylor Moreland, Christopher Saunderson. 6. The Financial Sector: Policies to Regain Its Strength by Henry Cochran, Vincent Fensore, Ryan Hover, Conor Malone, Michael Raia.

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