Academic Festival 2018 will be held on Friday, April 20, 2018 in the University Commons from 1-4 PM. The names of presenters and the working titles of presentations or papers will be due by Friday, March 2.

The abstracts of the presentations or papers will be due by Friday, April 13. Please click here for the complete submission process and guidelines.

Awards and prizes will be given in the following categories: Best Multidisciplinary Research or Collaboration, Most Scholarly Impact or Potential, Best Writing*, Best Visuals, Most Creative, Most Meaningful. In addition to these categories, the Deans of each College and the Provost will offer separate awards. All Festival attendees will also have an opportunity to vote for the Campus Choice.

*Students competing in the Best Writing category must have the final version of their paper uploaded by April 1.

Please click here to create an account and submit your work.

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